Investment climate

Through Regional Agricultural and Skills development, including Regional Intra-Trade and Market Linkages

Providing a platform for private sector actors and policy makers at international and regional levels to meet and exchange knowledge, and articulate commitments to improve the investment climate in the region;

Peace and stability

Strengthening Cross-border trade and Economic Relations, through existing bi-lateral agreements between member states

Providing guidance and practical examples for ways in which private investment can lead to achieving development goals such as peace and stability;

Agricultural Infrastructure Development

Rural Economic Development to Combat Rural-Urban and international Migration

Full crop and livestock value chain infrastructure development, including housing, road, rail, ICT and social amenities.

Welcome to SABDF

Southern African Business Development Forum is a Non-Profit Company registered in the Republic of South Africa. The Forum’s primary aim is to get Southern African business communities to collaborate in a quest to grow cross border partnerships, and thus contribute to the Regional economic growth.

Governments cannot provide employment for all citizens by themselves, therefore the private sector must step in to assist in collaborations that will create employment and promote entrepreneurship. We seek to encourage our youth, that is, get youth from SADC region to start collaborating on all issues relevant to them. The Forum will then mentor, advice and assist in every way to prepare these leaders of tomorrow.

Southern African countries are producers of organic agriculture products. Yet, these countries are also large importers of agricultural products (crops such as Soya and Poultry products) from overseas. This implies that the production of agricultural goods such as Soya, Maize and Poultry products are not adequate to sustain the current population of the region. The Region has a high rate of Unemployment and population living in poverty. Levels of poverty are high and hunger and malnutrition is not uncommon in most of these countries. Agricultural and other related economic development activities are insufficient and market prices fluctuate based on market supply and demand.

Addressing these challenges adequately is our primary objective.

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What We Do

The Forum believes that its role on agriculture sector will enable the communities in SADC region who are experiencing poverty to feed themselves, it is the view of the Forum that this is the first step to start building a good economy.

Agriculture Training & Skills Development

We have partnered with ICCO Cooperation, Metson World, National Agicultural Markerting Council (NAMC) and Agricultural training colleges to ensure the graduating subsistence farmers into sustainable commercial farmers.

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Events Facilitation

Profiling of individual SADC member states and the investment opportunities available in each and every member state through investment conferences and cultural exchange programmes.

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Future Leaders

We pair unemployed youth with qualifications in accounting, legal/labour law and social work with our small businesses to ensure that they have good accounts management, compliance with sound labour practices and understand the law implications of a business entity.

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Africa Affairs

The Forum gears towards fostering mutual and collective responsibility in strengthening partnerships, information sharing and accountability including sharing success stories that enhance trade and market access for accelerated intra-Africa trade and agricultural transformation.

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Small Business Development, Mentoring and Market Linkages

Preparing small businesses to be sustainable in the "VUCA" worldThe evolution of ICT and the global market trends makes it difficult for rural small businesses to compete fairly if not given adequate support and guidance.

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News & Events







News & Events

The following is the list of the latest events and success stories of our partners in the organisation.

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