Who We Are

Vision and Mission

Through partnerships and collaborations, the Forum has brought into the forth discussions around issues that affect the youth, primarily the high unemployment rate and seeks to bring together South African and non-South African youth to collaborate on working on such issues.

The organisation has raised interest of the youth in the different SADC countries and has planted the seed of collaboration.


As partnerships and collaborations form a major part of the organisation’s plans to achieve its objectives, the organisation has solidified a number of these with signed Memorandums of Agreement/Understanding. The organisation continues to identify potential partners with similar objectives

The ultimate aim is to encourage and assist the youth, especially unemployed graduates, to start focusing on driving economic development programmes amongst themselves and collaborate beyond their borders as unemployment has been identified as the main common denominator and most pressing amongst the youth in the region.


*Making it possible for the youth of SADC to do business in the whole region.
*Mentoring the youth on how they should go about solving their problems.
*Assisting youth who have ability to do something in obtaining funding to enter the market.
*Allowing the countries to get to know each other deeper than what is reported in the news.



SABDF was formally established in December 2017 as SADC Business Forum NPC and has since changed its name to Southern African Business Development Forum NPC.


Economic Development

Changing the lives of ordinary youth

Breaking borders of Southern African Development countries business, with aim of not mixing politics in the economic development of SADC as it has been discovered that the two is not the same thing but only influence one another.

Enabling the youth to do it themselves, by sharing and voicing out their own challenges.


Southern African Business Development Forum NPC is a non-profit company registered
in South Africa and operating in the SADC region

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