Who We Are

Who We Are

The SABDF is a Non-Profit Company incorporated in South-Africa, working towards the continent’s integration, especially the SADC region with strategic objective of enabling the SADC countries to stimulate economic development and increase their economic growth through the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) and Rural Development led expansion enabling poor smallholders to take advantage of the market opportunities. It serves as a platform for business and development agencies to collaborate on trade, market access and development of human capital to bring about the socio-economic development of Africa.


The overall remit of SABDF is to support the marginalized businesses in order to impact smallholder farmers and also provide a platform towards an enhanced integration of the SADC region through trade. As such SABDF endeavours to address policy issues, support countries to create enabling environment, peer to peer review and advocacy for best practices. Based on an historical analysis of the challenges faced by the SADC region resulting in low trade of agriculture commodities and the advent of the AfCTA, SABDF identified 4 pillars (Road, rail, ICT and Energy) which will be critical to address going forward to unlock rural development. Rendering support to the member states in achieving a fair level against these 4 pillars is therefore deemed important central for the institution. To achieve this, SABDF has established agreements with governments and relevant institutions such as Zambia, FARNPAN, National Agriculture Councils, and ICCO (a Netherlands NGO supporting smallholder farmers). SABDF has a MoU with the Government of Zambia through the Office of the Vice President for smooth Regional Inter-Trade since Zambia is neighbouring eight (8) SADC countries. SABDF is also responsible for piloting out Agri Hubs in Zambia.


SABDF aims at closely aligning with the SADC rural development policy taking agriculture as the engine to address issues at the core of trade sector competitiveness, job and income creation, and sustainable human development within the African Union framework.


SABDF envisions an economically integrated Africa that benefits all the citizens of the continent.

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