The Diplomatic Society

The Diplomatic Society


Seeking out trade or investment opportunities, promoting tourism, or coordinating people to people exchanges are daily duties performed by diplomats. Complementing this critical function The Diplomatic Society is the ideal platform linking relevant networks and resources.

In 1997 The Diplomatic Society publication Foreign Exchange started out as tabloid newsletter highlighting the new South Africa’s emergence and the embrace of the international community. Through publishing, articles, photographs, interviews and reporting on the interaction of the many Foreign Missions, Embassies and High Commissions that established a presence in Pretoria it has become the leading diplomatic resource.

Founded and based in Pretoria, The Diplomatic Society is located in the capital city that arguably has one of the highest concentrations of diplomatic representations in the world today. This proximity to over 140 foreign missions and international organization in the administrative capital has allowed our media platform to develop advisory and consultancy services unique to diplomacy.

We have learned to understand the needs and characteristics of diplomats, who apart from the daily basics of food shelter and clothing, require specialized products and services to carry out their mandates. With economic and commercial diplomacy a focal point, both career diplomats and political appointees are tasked with facilitating and implementing international relations.

 Since 1997, the Diplomatic Society publication Foreign Exchange has published 20 volumes and 204 issues of its tabloid newsletter. It’s, on and off, online presence began in the year 2000, and has had a constant and growing digital footprint since 2011. Our weekly online newsletter, which currently number 169, is distributed to 6500 registered users globally.

Diplomatic Travel a full service travel agency and Diplotique an online retail outlet are new platforms being introduced to promote tourism and trade.

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