Metson World

Metson World

Agricultural manufacturing company

Metson World is an agricultural manufacturing business with its main focus on a complete range of speciality nutrition, adjuvants, inoculants, seed coatings and growth stimulant products. Metson World has many accreditations as it strives for seamless product production, distribution and supply to new and existing customers worldwide. Metson World is committed to continuous research and development as well as product innovation that ensures efficient and cost-effective agricultural solutions. Metson World takes pride in rendering crop-specific and grower-specific spray recommendations to optimise crop quality and yield.

From back-to front-office through to plant, warehousing and transport, Metson World strives to supply the right product, to the right customer, at the right time, fulfilling any size order. From Raw Materials to Production to On-The-Farm for application, Metson World products are produced using high quality source materials and careful scientific formulations, complying strictly with South Africa's Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) Act 36 of 1947 standards and regulations.

The Metson World team includes highly knowledgeable engineers, chemists, manufacturers, technical/crop specialists & customer-driven back-office staff, who are synergistically ensuring that Metson World stays competitive by supplying quality agricultural products timeously. A team of well-trained and certified regional and/or area-based Regional Managers are deployed to assist distributors and farmers alike with the best possible ways to use the Metson World product range.

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