Zambia Flying Labs

Zambia Flying Labs

We are a Zambian drone, mapping and data analytics hub that has set its eyes on solving Zambian needs and challenges through the use of appropriate robotics, drone, and supportive software and hardware technologies.

Zambia Flying Labs is the 23rd Flying Labs to affiliate with and is under the partnership between University of Zambia and its supporting companies.


With our affiliation to WeRobotics under Zambia Flying Labs, we envision developing a sustainable ecosystem for drones in Zambia. We are the centre of providing local UAV solutions, drone training programmes, STEM education and advancing the use of robotic and automation technology in our country. 


As Zambia Flying Labs, our mandate will be to create a future for robots, automation and drone technology in local areas including: transport planning and road safety; power distribution; national security; agriculture; community development; land planning and development; wildlife conservation; infrastructure development; and education. This is all part of our aim in providing solutions with meaningful socio-economic impacts to our local communities and academic institutes. 

Details & Recent Work